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It’s Alive…It’s Interactive…It’s PowerPoint Mix!

There’s a new PowerPoint in town! There are so many great enhancements to PowerPoint 2013 and above. One of these is Office Mix, a free solution for PowerPoint that makes it easy to create and share online, interactive presentations, or “mixes”. Mixes play like web videos, but with support for animations, live links, and more.

Office Mix was primarily created for the learning environment but it isn’t just for the classroom. Here’s some other ways you can put it into action:

  • Create interactive training tools, build courses or use for marketing or demonstrations.
  • Combine screen recordings with slides and narration or just narrate over your existing slides.
  • Distribute the results to anyone as you save to the cloud. If they have a browser, they can access it. You’re not limited to delivering Mixes to Windows PCs: the video content can be viewed on Mac OS, iOS and Android devices, with appropriate versions for each platform.

To get Office Mix, download and install the free add-in. When you open PowerPoint 2013, you’ll see the new Mix tab at the end of the Ribbon. (Download link at end of this post).

Make it Sizzle

  • No stopping you now! Add zip to your mix:
  • Record audio or video speaker notes for each slide in your presentation.
  • Insert quizzes, curated videos, and more.
  • Easily record what’s on your screen, while you annotate with audio.

Preview your mix when you’re done, then upload it to to share. The portal also offers analytics so you can see audience statistics and quiz results if you are using for marketing or teaching.

Share it

Once your Mix is uploaded to the Office Mix service, you can then share it from your personal gallery to students and/or colleagues. (Uploading can take some time, especially if you’re saving your Mix as a video for offline viewing). You can make the Mix shareable and distribute its URL. Mixes can be restricted to users in your company or made public. Public Mixes are open to the entire internet. Shareable Mixes can be accessed by anyone with the Mix URL, although they do need to log in to view the Mix.

Make a Movie

Completed mixes can be played back online or downloaded as movies. In the MP4 format, you won’t get access to the interactive features, such as links to other videos, files or websites, but can be played on any device that supports that format.

You must have 2013 or above for Office Mix. Check it out. You will look like a hero!

You can download Mix from Microsoft here:

Update: Office Mix is being retired but will integrate directly into PowerPoint 365. Check out the details in this blog that has all the Microsoft links:


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